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  • May 20, 2016 Released Ver. 1.2.0.

The BAR1 is an only one-bar programmable rhythm machine.

The BAR1 has been developed for checking the rhythm pattern as easily as with a metronome. It is an easier tool for everyday practice than an overqualified creative tool such as a sequencer.
The programmable number of bars is only one (triple or quadruple measure). However, the machine enables the user to check complex rhythms such as simultaneous clave and triplet as well as simple clicking in place of a metronome.
The BAR1 is an ideal tool for all musicians who are not quite happy with a metronome but hesitate to use a regular rhythm machine or a sequencer, and its use is highly recommended.

  • A whole rhythm pattern programmed can be viewed on the score, which visually helps understand beat timing.
  • Input to the drum machine by switching grids enables the user to play straight and triplet simultaneously.
  • Also equipped are the tap tempo function for setting tempo by standard tap interval and the jam pad function for playing sounds of any instruments by tapping with rhythm pattern.
  • The rhythm patterns can be sent to other BAR1 users with an e-mail, not to mention saved in the library.
  • All the functions including widely placed tempo dials and notepad have been designed for a single-hand use as much as possible.

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Functions and characteristics
Score resolution

It is possible to play clave and triplet fill at the same time, as both sixteenth note and sextuplet can be set in the score size in the maximum of one bar (3/4, 4/4) for each instrument.

Displaying the whole score

The whole rhythm pattern can be displayed for the user to review the rhythm context. The animation of beat position during the play enables the user to better grasp the timing.

Easy Editing

Inputting the rhythm is really straightforward. Sixteeth note and sextuplet can be switched back and forth on the pad, where one beat per line for each instrument. On and off are toggled only by tapping. The strength can be set in seven steps by long-press. They all can be done during the play and help the user auditorily and visually for creating rhythm patterns.


Eleven instruments are prepared for creating rhythm patterns for standard drum set. It is also possible to play both solo/mute conditions for each instrument.

Design and user interface

The user interface has been designed for making easily as many operations as possible by a single hand, such as the wide tempo dial and the note pad cell. The present time, the time elapsed, and the bars played are displayed during the play (only for instruments of more than four inches in size), and the user can concentrate on the practice without stopping the play.


The timing for clicking can be sensed not only by sound but by vibration (only for the model equipped with the vibration mode).

Tap tempo

Tap tempo function is equipped, in which the tempo is set by tap intervals as in a metronome.

Jam pad

The user can make drum sound by tapping based on the rhythm patterns and clicks created. The jam pad is composed of four pads, one of which can be set as an flexible pad where the instrument type can be changed during the play.

Library and data sharing

The rhythm patterns created can be saved in the library, sent to other BAR1 users in an e-mail attachment, and saved in the library for other devices through iCloud.

Maximum Programmable bar
One bar.
Programmable beats
3/4, 4/4
Grid Resolution
16th, sextuplet
Tempo range
30 - 320BPM
7 steps from -3 to +3
Score mode
Solo/Mute per instrument
Instruments (11 in total)
Ride Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Open Hihat, Close Hihat,
High-Tom, Mid-Tom, Rim, Snare, Low-Tom,
Bass, and Cowbell
Metronome Sound
Vibration function is equipped.
Tap tempo function is equipped.
User rhythm patterns can be saved in the library.
Sharing Rhythm Patterns
The rhythm patterns can be sent by e-mail.
The data can be shared by iCloud.


  • We will take no responsibility for any troubles and losses that may be caused by the use of this application.