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In the end of the 20th Century, New York City was the most exciting city in the world, represented by the late World Trade Center that used to rise highly, and still looked as it had been in the good old days.
Harmony of photos, taken for five years from 1987 to 1992 by Asami Hasegawa, a photographer, and music by Masayuki Sayama, a jazz pianist, will remind us of colorful landscapes and vivid lives of residents in NYC.

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  • Shooting Location: New York City, America
  • Number of Photos:72
  • Music:
    • 1. Native Place(Masayuki Sayama)
    • 2. Reflex02(Masayuki Sayama)
    • 3. Aquarium(Masayuki Sayama)
    • 4. The Horizon(Masayuki Sayama)
Photographer: Asami Hasegawa
Asami Hasegawa was born in Tokyo. After staying in New York City during 1987-1992, he has lived in Japan.
He is a freelance photographer and his works, covering from portraits, foods, to landscapes, are adopted in media such as fashion magazines and commercial films. He has taken many landscape photographs all over the world and has presented his works in photo exhibitions, magazines, books, and DVDs.
Musician: Masayuki Sayama
Jazz Pianist. He studies Jazz music under Fumio Itabashi and Makoto Terashita. He performed in the night club of Tokyo,Yokohama,Nagano and Tochigi. In 2009, he formed a collaboration unit which named "Aj No Hiraki" and it is acting. Additionally, the creation activity with another fields of the play and the dance, etc. is done aggressively.


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