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The software contains a lot of heartwarming photos featuring various winter "lights" in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, such as those from houses under extremely cold atmosphere, lit-up gardens, dazzling illuminations in elegantly adorned towns, and magnificent auroras in the sky. The work is a collaboration of photos of the far north by Asami Hasegawa, a photographer, and of the masterpieces of classical music by Hisako Yoshikawa, a flutist who has fascinated a lot of people with her poetic and colorful tones.

sample photos
  • Shooting Location: Norway/Sweden
  • Number of Photos:90
  • Music:
    • 1. La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin (C.A.Debussy)
    • 2. Ballet Des Champs-Elysées (C.W.Gluck)
    • 3. Aria (J.S.Bach)
    • 4. Le Cygne (C.C.Saint-Saëns)
Photographer: Asami Hasegawa
Asami Hasegawa was born in Tokyo. After staying in New York City during 1987-1992, he has lived in Japan.
He is a freelance photographer and his works, covering from portraits, foods, to landscapes, are adopted in media such as fashion magazines and commercial films. He has taken many landscape photographs all over the world and has presented his works in photo exhibitions, magazines, books, and DVDs.
Musician: Hisako Yoshikawa
Flutist. She has been acknowledged as a soloist, who is not prepossessed with a genre and/or an art form, and performing various field, not only classic music, also popular, movie music, Japanese lyric melody, lullaby, bossa nova , tango so on. Currently her activities have been extended to holding dinner concert, lecture in university or other public, and writing etc. thus now she is widely supported by public of various levels.


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  • Use "Save as Wallpaper" of the application for saving the photo as a wallpaper.
  • The use of the photos saved is permitted only on your iPhone. Do not use it for any other purposes.
  • The use of the photos and music (and any other contents) in the application is firmly prohibited for public delivery and distribution.
 copyright(c) Asami Hasegawa
 copyright(c) Hisako Yoshikawa


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